Pokémon Re: Lost Silver

Re: Lost Silver is the most up to date version as of November 2022.

In order to download the game, here is the download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/afyqj4g1z0wmv0r/relostsilver_v1.2.zip/file

Specifications include this only working on Windows machines that date back to 2008. No available versions for Mac, Android, Linux, or as a ROM are available.



2nd / HIDDEN :: Say “NO” several times when the game asks you to TURN BACK NOW.
3rd / RUINS :: Rearrange HEDIED Unowns to DIEDHE when in the graveyard room after Hurry dies.
4th / ASHES :: Press “A” on the Red pillar room.
FINAL :: Go through all other endings (HIDDEN/RUINS/ASHES) a tile will appear in the black void
in Gold’s house, go right where the tile is.
EASTER EGG :: Go to Pokedex, Press Select, go to Unown Dex, use SELECT to type in “SNOW” with Unowns.

– Fixed the invisible textboxes glitch that occurred during ASHES
– Fixed Cancel option able to be used in Feraligatr Battle
– Fixed Pokedex entries with a few Pokemon that had “PL” in their name.
– Added sound to Pack changing
– Fixed Feraligator not changing to Totodile during battle bug.
– Added a block to Mt Silver block.

– Fixed Pokegear bug (confirmed on compiled version)
– Fixed Pokedex Page area bug

– Fixed the Pokegear crashing bug.
– Fixed typo in Red’s battle, and rearranged PERISH SONG to only last two turns so
the countdown makes sense with the number of turns & attacks.
– Fixed the armless Gold in the Ashes part of the game.

– Added sound effects that were originally missing (bumps, cries, etc)
– Added the final details of the Burnt route (DONT D…)
– Added music to various parts of the game (Tin Tower, Ruins Path, Ho-Oh, Goldenrod)


Arrows – D-Pad
Z – A button
X – B button
Enter – Start button
Backspace – Select button



GushieGMan – Spritework for Gold’s armless, ghost, trainer sprites (front & back for Gold, Red & Silver) and Totodile. Worked on Unown puzzle sprites.
Atropanova @ TikTok – drawing Gold’s artwork at the end of the game.
gnysek @ GMC Forums – Helped me understand why the project wasn’t compiling (as well as Tornado, RefresherTowel, and SohleKNKI)
Pixelated Pope @ YouTube – helped with finguring out how to loop music with intros.
Original Lost Silver author, for the notes he sent me to help finish this version.
Chris Sinnard – for pixel replacement colors used in Lost Silver for replicating GBC effects.
djanubis @ Deviantart – Art used as wallpaper during the original recording.
BrowserTheGamer5 @ YouTube – bug reporting