About Me

My online handle is Reidd Maxwell. I have had a fascination in video game development ever since I was playing Super Mario Bros. on the original NES when I was about 6. I’ve since then wanted to make my own Mario levels, and when I got my hands into Pokémon, that craze grew into wanting to make Pokémon games as well. It looks like I never left that dream.

I have been working with Game Maker ever since it’s 5.3 version, when it was owned by Mark Overmars. If it wasn’t for him and his super easy to understand program to develop games in, I would have never had the opportunity to learn, because I had to learn via Drag-n-Drop, while I was attempting to learn by myself.

I have made several different Pokémon engines, all of which have been uploaded in different parts of the internet. My most popular project, Pokémon Lost Silver, happens to be a “ROM hack” style of game, that retains much of the original animations and images from the game while taking edits to show the story as it was original told by an anonymous author. This was more or less released in 2011. From the lack of activity, one could say I have retired from game development. The truth is, life makes it hard to keep up with looking at code for long hours. I’m still just as interested as before, but with bills, family, responsibilities, developing Pokémon isn’t as high of a priority.

I hope to continue developing more games that keep people interested in this small creepypasta niche 🙂